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As I start my morning praising our Jesus, I am praying for thanks to what he allows me to do. As I have shared with you my love of food, hospitality and joy of serving you all at the Marketplace & Company. I am stepping aside to introduce a new story at the Market.

The store has been bought by a Seasoned Chef who will bring a new vision to Mitchell & this area. His passion for service & food is just precious. So the store that I operated, served the last Dinner Party on Sunday March 10th. The Store will be closed until April 5th

The store is being renovated to meet the new aesthetic of this new owners vision. I am working on some important new things in this transition as well.

My food story will continue. As I have shared. My goal is to focus on Catering. I am in hopes to host some Dinner Parties at the Market. But we will see.

I believe that God moves mountains. When I think of what he has done with the Marketplace & Co for me, I know that this story is not mine alone. New memories are awaiting this new space. We will announce the new owners very soon as they begin their journey at the Market. Look for a name change as they put there brand on the Market.



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