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As I write this blog today, I am filled with moments that fill my heart and make me thank God for what I have gotten to do thru food.

When I started the Market I had such a different vision of what it would be. I wanted it to be a collaboration of people coming together to celebrate what they did well. Sharing space to meet the needs of others.

Sometimes what one thinks and what is. Just, never came to be. A Baker, A florist, and a chef who would love to do real food. I could not get those to come together. So I became all of those things. Along the way we saw people grow around us.

We are proud of those blessings. I& L Coffee Roasters - Chef Pop Up Nights with Blake Bradly, Marketplace Boutique who started at the Market. All of these people blessed us.

The blessings of preparing food that evokes joy, laughter, moments of complete bliss. Now that is a story I want to be part of. And I was! I got to do that. I am not a trained Chef. Just an old lady who loves to host Dinner Parties. To set the theme around locally sourced foods while blending the best of what I could offer. No I did not always make each noodle at the Market. I did not always have time to bake every morsel of bread. But I always sourced the best for my guests. That is what a great hostess does! We feed the spirit as we shared their stories of where the bread or pasta came from. Sharing about the produce and who grew it.

We are excited to announce our new Business The Found Kitchen that will offer you our guests some food adventures. We have SOLD Marketplace & Co and this will be our last weekend in the store. I am excited for all of our guest to Welcome the new owners, who will be offering a REAL CHEF experience. What an honor that God would send me this couple.

I said I would not close the store or sell it to anyone who was not going to continue with the excellence to food as well as keep the store growing in Mitchell. The new owners will offer so much more then what I could.

The Found Kitchen will offer Farm to Table products, Dinner Party Events, Catering as well time to complete my Cook Book. Our first Dinner Party Event will be held in Torrington in April.

I look forward to seeing what God has planned for me, as well at the New Marketplace & Company Story.

In closing, I want to THANK each of you who have been part of our story. Please book a table for this weekend. The menu features 5 farms & there goods. I cannot wait to see all of you at food events, or thru our fun new food services. Keep watching for our updates.

CONTINUED BELOW PICTURES Moments and people who forever changed my heart.

Hours this week

Thursday 6PM-9 PM

Friday-Saturday 6 PM-9 PM

Sunday 6PM-9PM


Mindy Petersen

Marketplace & Co

The Found Kitchen

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