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The LOVE The Real Holder Of The Deed!

This was a tough week as we closed a chapter! We finalized the sale of The Marketplace & Compsny-Pesto. I love cooking so much! I am constantly planning a menu! This past month was a wirlwind!

No kidding! On March 1st we had a reservation! The lady had been blessed with a gift certificate for a tasting menu. Sometimes, there is no way of pleasing! They arrived a bit late. We seated her & then waited for th others to arrive!

By the end of the evening as I was closing the store! I had locked front door completed all the front end of resetting the last table! I went back to get the for sale sign & set it in front of the glass door! As I did, I was praying over the lady & how she had made the evening stressful & uncomfortable for her table.

The detail to purchase the best ingredients, going to the farms, creating a space of welcome , all the effort of each course that I put into opening the doors. I was thinking on all of these things! She had left not really kind! Her husband was showing signs of frustration with his beloved wife! The people with them as well!.

In my prayer I just simply asked "God what do you want? It belongs to you! Is my feet all in, or are they out? Please send me a sign! I had asked my husband should we pull it off the market! I had asked our daughter! But looking back I had not really asked the owner! God held the deed! Our names might have been on paper! But he is the holder of all that we use in his glory!

But in my conversation with him that night, he saw my hurt in my standing firm! My love of service! That was about 10 PM.

5 PM Saturday night I was in the kitchen, when I get a call from this young guy who I had recently had thought about!

Derek had gotten married & moved to Belez to open a restaurant! He asked if he could come to talk to me about my store! I said sure! We made a plan for Sunday afternoon! I had needed to go down to scrub the kitchen floor & clean the bathrooms as well do the checklist for the kitchen!

I was thinking I was just meeting him. Here he came with 7 people! I was a bit over whelmed as he started going thru the building, I stood back at front door as they were looking at everything & chatting amongst themselves! His in laws & his wife visited as he was checking things out!

I had known if Derek & had encouraged him in the past as had opened a restaurant in Scottsbluff! The food was amazing & had enjoyed him as a young chef! I had even two years earlier when I had gotten really sick with my enemia had reached out to see if he would want rent or buy the store!? He explainef, that he was moving!

In my head I just saw him needing space for a day business! Not buying my store!

Just like that God had answered my prayer! I had no idea how hard it would be to not be in that kitchen every weekend serving others!

It has been 1 month today! I am a bit lost! We are excited for Derek & look forward to seeing what God will do there! God opens & closes doors.

Here is to new journeys as I begin working on my new food adventure! Catering dinner events, celebrating with new dishes, writing my cookbook & spending time with the love of my life. Our journey is just changing!

Sending Blessings


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