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Our Story-

Hello & Welcome to our story!  

My love of cooking is evident in what I do everyday- We started the Market Four years ago.  With that said,  It is 

about adapting.  We started with a different plan & found out quickly we would need to change to grow a brand.

From Media- to logos- to menus & atmosphere each component is important.  I am a mother & grandmother. 

My husband & I have three daughters.  Four grandchildren & 4 Great grands.  Four 40 years I have been cooking & creating dishes for others.  When you visit the Marketplace & Company- Pesto- Marketplace Coffee & Tea Company-

Flowers on Center Avenue its a story of community, history of the past & now you!  From the merchandise, to farm to table


 We decided that the Market should be about our local food & celebrating not just what I do but what our local producers are doing.  Bringing the right ingredients in from companies that are supporting others thru their companies.   

At the Market we celebrate local people.  From our produce in your salad & in your entree.  Come visit us & meet more 

then us!  Meet our communities.  


We look forward to serving you!  From High Tea- Fine Dining- to sending a floral arrangement- shopping for gourmet goodies or Home goods We have it at the Market.  


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