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Taking A Deep Breath....

Updated: Mar 12

Today has not been typical Sunday. Today is the last Dinner Party Night....As I start thinking about what God has provided me through the Marketplace & Co. I remember standing in that white very baron space and asking God to give me a sign. & the story began.

My food story has been all about trying to keep food about the people who loved me, was part of who I am. My Mom & Dad. The food traditions that comes shining thru who you become. Dad made me love food. I remember him taking grapes and creating wine. His love of cheese, He taught us to eat off of the earth. We always had a huge garden.

Looking back I really think he started the love of food in me. We served such blessed guests last night, Tracy & Dan Painter have provided so much produce to our Dinner Party tables. We had them as our Distinguished guests last night. We served an amazing Beet Soup with Local Honey & Ricotta Farm. Our Salad was served with apple and maple sourced from the New Golden Delight Store in Torrington Wyoming drizzled over the salad. Raising Arrows Dairy From Bridgeport, Nebraska provided goat cheese Find her on Facebook under Lacy Yates. The Cheeses are exceptional. Text me to order a cheese box this week. Featuring these creative cheeses- Box are $18 plus tax & will come with all the goodies for you to enjoy. Amish Blue Cheese with honey and other sharp cheeses are available this week text me to order 307-575-4984

Delivery will be Saturday for all areas.


Mindy Petersen

Marketplace & CO.

check out Painter Produce

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