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I have always been a reflective person. I think this is from being a child of God.

Our success does not belong to us. It belongs to him. I have watched him change the people in my life, the people who really love you! They are the ones who show up! The encouragers! The people who tell you the truth.

When I think of the Marketplace & Company & where we started. It was not going to be what we originally envisioned. We started in 2017 going to farmers markets selling granola and this was the goal. We would rent a kitchen to produce granola.

Sometimes what you envision has to change! a bag of granola $6 dollars was not going to pay the bills. However creating a functional business that allows me to enjoy my family as well as serve others. Six years later I am proud of what He has created! We have celebrated with our guests amazing memories! These moments of real food, The story changes along with our menu ingredients.

In July my husband will retire! My love of my life is more important than any business! Including the Marketplace & Company. In September 2023 we got the news Bryan had a spot on his lung! My world changed in that moment. We give all our struggles to Jesus. He has & will never forsake us. I had to look at what the Market really is to our guests. The Market kitchen has made me the happiest. The people come for what my heart produces out of that kitchen!

Everything is about a focus of putting God Family & then the Market into our life. Bryan & I will celebrate our 40th Anniversary this June. I am not going to ever be sad that I put my husband first. So less night more family. We started this journey to serve the Lord thru creating a space that invites people to enjoy one another. while I curate around the fun food we serve out of the kitchen. I love everytime I step into that kitchen. But being able to cook 4 nights a week for my guy in my kitchen, truly means everything.

Dinner Party Nights are Thursday 6-9PM Friday & Saturday 5PM-9PM

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