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Updated: Feb 29

As I start my day I want to express the love to my amazing savior who allows me to create amazing dishes for others. Creating curated dining events at the Market takes time as I am researching and thinking about what am I going to create.

I love being able to start thinking about what I am going to pick up from our farm partners & business partners. When you come for dinner to the Market, we want you to taste notes of your neighbors. From Bread from our local artisanal breads, cheeses, jams I source or create, to the salads, proteins that will go on your plate. A lot of time goes into sourcing.

Chris at Gooper Greens has been our baby greens partner for quite some time. Painters Produce we have been buying from since they came to the area. Chapman farms & Dairy are offering amazing dairy, honey, ice cream, eggs, This young couple inspire me.

We are proud of the people that work so hard creating real food right here.

We continue to offer more from our partners who make the Market special. Our goal is to share what they offer so you to can enjoy these local gems.

This weekend we fused Fall with spring with our Saturday Night menu & hosted wonderful guests who dined on 8 courses from Cheese boards, Delakota squash rings loaded with a blend of greens, dried cherries feta cheese & dressed with a drizzle of Maple, We served a carrot soup with Brussel sprouts, shallots, garlic & other goodies from Painters Produce, Our Bread tonight was from the Hoy Farm who brings bread out to Painters Produce as a local vendor from Torrington, Wyoming. Our Entrée was a brined Chicken Breast with Buck wheat mash swerved with Spring herbs with a rhubarb jam & drizzle of Maple. Dessert tonight was cinnamon bread pudding with Chapman Farm & Dairy Vanilla & Cinnamon Ice Cream with homemade whipped cream with caramel sauce. Of course we ended with chocolates

I am so thankful for the Market & what God has allowed me to do. I have met some amazing people who changed my heart. God continues to bring me blessings even thru tough economic times. We realized that not everyone can afford to come to see us. So two years ago we started our Tasting Thursday Two for $40 without wine- Two for $50 with a glass of wine. Thursday nights are fun! You get to the store and the door opens at 6 PM

Thursday starts my NEW week- I start researching what I want to offer based off of what we sourced from our partners. We have hosted other chefs in the past and this is fun. However right now I am working on my cookbook. What I bring on Thursday is some of those ideas that we hope will be dishes that you will want to dine on in your kitchen. So book online.



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