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More than Food!

I have such fun creating the new dishes we will serve! I get excited about the glass ware, the napkins, platters, board's and the china! It is how the space feels for our guest! We burn a lot of candles at the Market! . The décor changes along with the seasonality! Simple joys of sourcing our wines , cheeses, jams to the cured meats from local farmers. Local Makers makes what I do more than food. It is about celebrating one another.

I think of the time of year! What we are enjoying harvested from the garden & sourcing from our local farmers, carrots, potatoes, onions, cabbage , squash! & what is coming! Fresh herbs, first peas, asparagus foraged from along the river. The dream of spring mushrooms! Morals! Forever made me love mushrooms! Walleye fish, local beef and pork, Real food sourced locally.

Getting back to my roots is always visiting farms to gather the goods that our guest dine on.

I think this is why the food we create tastes so good. Coming to the market is so much more than the food, it is the experience. You have to call to get a table or go the reservation tab.

We are glad to do what we do! Food is a gift from God and the fact that I get to take his bounty and turn it into dishes that evoke the best of us.

Come see what we do, Cost to come price ranges based off what you are doing with your group! Call us to discuss your visit. 308-424-1055


Mindy Petersen

Marketplace Owner

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