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A Time To Rest A Time To Sow

I always slow down with winter. I tend to become very reflective of what I have accomplished. a think there is a time to rest and a time to sow. I am sure this comes from being raised in the country. Dad would get excited and start ordering his seeds, and going thru the seeds we culled and saved from the year before.

With the Restaurant I have made changes to help me appreciate the most important part of my life. Balance. As I look over the past six amazing years of the Market, I recognized that to operate this business I needed to go back to the farm in my business model.

Taking time to rest give me a better vision of what we want for our guest at the Market. We want your visit to be relaxing as well as one of the best dinning experiences in the valley.

Winter this year has afforded me downtime to think of what the Market will offer this Spring and Summer. From celebrating new Farmers who are operating in the area, to new sources for goods that we sell at the Store. That down time is like planting seeds for this coming spring.

We have all kinds of fun things coming- So keep coming back to see what we are working on. New Spring Menus Celebrating local foods, Spring in Italy

Store Hours for Spring are

Thursday 6PM-8 PM

Friday- Saturday 5PM-9PM

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